What is DecoPanel?

DecoPanel is a high-quality building material that can be used for a range of applications, including decorative wall coverings, ceilings, and partitions.

Made from durable, lightweight aluminium composite, these panels allow for vibrant and detailed graphics to be printed on or covered with thermoplastic foils. It comes in a range of finishes and colours to suit any design aesthetic.

Easy to install and maintain, DecoPanel is the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a modern and sophisticated look in their home or office.

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  1. Lightweight and strong.
  2. Attaches to any kind of surface.
  3. Ultra flat and extremely rigid.
  4. Environmentally Friendly.
  5. Durable and cost-effective.
  6. Interchangeable & Replaceable.
  7. Waterproof.
  8. Fire-Resistant.
  9. Seamless corners.
  10. Customizable.


Panel Size: 2400mm(l) x 1200mm(w)

Panel Thickness: 3mm

Panel Weight: 3.31 kg/m2

Panel Composition: Aluminium composite material comprising of two aluminium sheets, sandwiching a non-toxic, low-density polyethylene core.

The Design

In our range of thermoplastic foils, we offer over 200 different designs to choose from, including the natural beauty of marble and stone, the warmth of wood textures, and the sleek look of ultra matte and metallic finishes.

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The Change

And the best part is, our panels are robust and waterproof, making it perfect for any room, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or lounge. You can even change your mind later and easily replace or change it.

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